Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Challenge

So tomorrow we start a new month. February. The short month. And I'm starting a new blog, a new project... And what better to make sure I have something to talk about than to challenge myself to a mini resolution?

Food from Home February. For a whole month I plan to eat meals from home. This is a pretty serious adjustment for my household. I think on an average week we probably eat an average of 4 (or so) meals out or take out. Which doesn't even count solo lunches and snacks... an addition number which can and does give me pause. That is quite a bit.

So we talked about cutting back... and I, in a delusional moment, thought that I might more impactfully hit the reset button on my blissfully self indulgent lifestyle choices if I went Cold Turkey. So I suggested that for one month we eat every meal and snack from home. (I hear the screams...wait.. was that me?)

Seriously, the mind reels. What a concept. We could save money...get the whole family togetherness thing. Ya think? What could go wrong? I guess I can find out!

It actually intimidates me a little, but no one is in a better position to succeed at this than I am. I get amazing ingredients from the farm I work for. ( see the picture? YUM...) I work part time and I'm living in central California, an amazing place to shop, cook and eat. I will primarily combat only my own inertia and catch as catch can method of menu planning.

Anyway it will be interesting for me. Hopefully somewhat interesting to someone out there in the world wide web.  ( Mom?) I'll link to recipes for anything I cook that I like, share my inspirations and tools and all that good stuff. And hopefully I will try to and eat some pretty yummy stuff.

Back Feb. 1st with some planning and menus for day one!
Bear with me, I haven't been writing much lately and I'm hoping it will get better as we go!